World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri hosts the very first Amateur Piano Competition online edition. The purpose of the competition is

1. To support Classical music communities and piano lovers and

2. To provide a positive goal for aspiring artists during this difficult time, setting a goal for self-development.


1. Applicants must be aged 25 or over on 12/01/2020.

2. Applicants may not teach, perform, or compose music professionally and financially.

3. Non-Missouri residents are welcome to participate. 


1. Application deadline 11/01/2020 and performance video deadline 12/01/2020.

2. Application fee $60 by 11/01/2020 and the fee is non-refundable.

3. The form for performance video uploading will be sent to applicants.

​4. There are two categories: Outstanding Amateurs and Promising Amateurs.

*Rules and Regulations

1. The competition is one round of a video submitted on YouTube. (unlisted)

2. The video should be at least 10min. but not exceed 30 min. in length, and include at least two contrasting styles and periods of music. Competitors can record and post each piece separately on YouTube.

3. Memorization is not required.

4. Repeats should not be observed except D.C. al Fine.

5. Applicants own compositions, Popular music, Jazz, Broadway show music are not acceptable.

6. Selected videos from applicants will be posted on WPTA USA-Missouri YouTube.

7. The competition is anonymous to the judges. Applicants showing their names or their teacher's names in their performance videos or YouTube channels will be disqualified.

8. Individual movements of larger works will be accepted but must be performed in their entirety.    

9. No keyboards or digital pianos are  acceptable for recordings.

10. Jury's decision is final.

11. The results will be announced on 12/20/2020 on WPTA USA-Missouri homepage. 

12. WPTA USA-Missouri reserves the right to make any changes if circumstances dictate.


Awards for both categories will comprise of:

1. An invitation to perform at the Winners' Recital at Winifred Moore Auditorium, Webster University (Spring 2021)

2. 1st Prize medal and an invitation to WPTA USA-Missouri's other events to perform or submit performance videos.

3. 2nd Prize medal

4. 3rd Prize medal

All participants will receive an admission waiver for WPTA USA-Missouri Master Class Series for one year.


Please feel free to contact Kyu Butler, for any questions. 




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