Donghwi Kang

Donghwi Kang 14, is currently studying at the Yewon School with pianist Suwoon Hyung in Seoul, South Korea. And he has also been studying with Choong Mo Kang, a concert pianist and Steinway artist.

Donghwi was accepted to the Yewon School as an outstanding scholarship student for excellence in piano performance and academic achievements. He has received many awards and won competitions for young pianists, including Ewha & Kyunghyang Music Concour (2nd place without 1st place), Dong-A Junior Music Concour (1st Place), Korean Liszt Competition (1st place), Korean Chopin Competition (2nd place), Osaka International Music Competition (3rd place) and Steinway Youth Piano Competition, Korea (Grand Prize).

Donghwi has been invited to perform and participate in prestigious concerts in Korea, including the Young Artist Concert, Phoa Prodigy Concert and Young Artist Festival in Seoul. He also has a solo piano recital engagement for the Kumho Prodigy Concert in 2023.

Awards and Concerts


6th Korea Steinway Youth Piano Competition (SYPC) - Grand Prize

6th SYPC South-East Asia Pacific Regional Finals - 3rd Prize

71st Ewha & Kyunghyang Music Concours - 2nd Prize (no 1st Prize)

Kumho Prodigy Concert Audition - Solo Recital engagement in 2023

Young Artist Solo Recital (Youngsan Yangjae Hall, Seoul)


Outstanding Admissions Scholarship Student at Yewon School

Music Journal Competition - 1st Prize 

Phoa Prodigy Concert (Yamaha Music Communication Center, Seoul) 


Dong-A Jounior Concour - 1st Prize 

The Music Education News Concour - Grand Prize  

Korea Chopin Competition - 2nd Prize

TV Show (KBS2) performance


Osaka International Music Competition - 3rd Prize(Osaka, Japan)


Korean Liszt Competition - 1st Prize

The Hankook Youth Daily National Youth Music Competition - 1st Prize

YukYoung National Youth Music Competition - 1st Prize