World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri was founded on 4/27/2020 as a part of the World Piano Teachers Association, a member of Alink-Argerich Foundation. Kyu Butler, NCTM was inaugurated as the first President and Artistic Director of WPTA USA-Missouri. Tugce Tari-Roth was appointed as the Assistant Director of the Amateur Piano Competition.

WPTA USA-Missouri was founded to support young professionals, students and piano communities. 

Headquarter: World Piano Teachers Association



1. Beethoven's 250th Anniversary Concerts - 32 Complete Piano Sonatas

To celebrate Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birth Anniversary, 19 pianists are going to perform his entire 32 Piano Sonatas during fall 2020.

Performers residing in US, Germany and S. Korea

Kyu Butler, Dr. Deago Caetano, Dr. Chia-Ying Chan, Dr. Ian Gindes, Dr. Samuel Gingher, Dr. Bouna Kim, Dr. Anne Marie Kuhny, Dr. Frank Kuhny, Dr. Huiyun Liang, Bomin Park, Dr. Yoon-Wha Roh, Dr. Peter Ryan, Dr. Tatiana Shustova, Tugce Tari-Roth, Dr. Pei-I Wang, Dr. Amanda Marie Wilson, Dr. Jiafeng Yan, Dr. Hyunki Yoon, & Faith Zuniga


2. Woman Composer Series

To support Women's right and the Month of Women's History, WPTA USA-Missouri presents Women Composers Series. Concerts will take place during the month of March in 2021. This will be a mixture of solo piano recitals and ensemble, and gala.


3. Amateur Piano Competition

World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri hosts an Amateur Piano Competition online edition. 

The purpose of the competition is

1. To support Classical music communities and piano lovers and

2. To provide a positive goal for aspiring artists during this difficult time, setting a goal for self-development.


4. Chopin Ballades & Scherzos

World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri hosts a Chopin concert. 


Kyu Butler

Dr. Diego Caetano

Nina Ferrigno

Dr. Angela Kim

Daniel Schene


5. East Meets West

World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri hosts an exotic concert to introduce and discover unknown works.


6. Master Class

Prof. Victor Rosenbaum (New England Conservatory of Music)



World Piano Teachers Association USA-Missouri has two classes of memberships - Teacher Membership and Artist Membership. Please join us to support piano communities and classical music.



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