Born in 1999 in Seoul, Yunji Choi first encountered the piano at the age of seven.

Choi really became focused on the piano when she was admitted at the age of

twelve to Yewon School, the most prestigious junior art school in Korea. She

then moved up to Seoul Arts High School where she was selected many times

to perform in honors concerts.

Yunji has been successful, winning top prizes at competitions in Korea such as

Gimpo Philharmonic Orchestra (2009), The Korean Piano Society (2012), Korea

Young Artist (2013), Korean Chamber Orchestra (2013), Young-San Art (2014),

Universal Music (2014), J&R Music Concours (2016), Music Education News

(2016), Segye Daily News (2017), Seoul Music (2018). Yunji was then invited

to perform at “Rising Star Concert” by the Korean Piano Society, at Yewon

Chamber Music Concert and at the winner’s concert of Music Education News.

Yunji has participated in summer academies in China (Sichuan conservatory of

music) and in Korea (J&R academy) where she worked with renowned

professors such as Yang Yang, Herve Billaut, Laurent Cabasso, Sontraud

Speidel, and Herve N’kaoua.

In 2019 Yunji entered the Seoul National University, the most coveted academic

institute in Korea. Yunji has been the recipient of scholarships

for the highest academic achievement at SNU. Prof. HieYon Choi has been Yunji’s mentor since her enrollment at SNU. Her other teachers include Jae-Eun Shin, Eunjeong Lee, HyeSung Min, Grace Yeo and Heejae Kim.